God Slayer
Traitor to the Gods


1/3 Mortal
1/3 Demon
1/3 God


Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color



Dragon Slayer
Iron Dragon Manipulation




zeke returns to take his revance on the gods to optain his power of full god back and take the throne of olympus


zeke is a very proud being who has many ambitions power greed and his own ideal of being a god and how a god should rule


far back wen zeus just was in his younger days he had a friend named zeke who was on that moment still a full blooded god tey were both very pasionated by the history of olympus and were proud to be a god and soon tey became best friend as tey foguht side by side against the demon clan who wantet to take over heavens zeke who was ad that time the most skilled swords man of olympus who leaded the front line of battle wel zeus was the strongest range user of olympus toggeter tey took down the demon clan back ad olympus tey were having a victory party as zeke was talking to zeus about becoming the king of gods but a week later fate had ather plans and believed zeus should become the king gods and so he became zeke feld betrayed by the desisions of fate but he suportet his best friend on becoming the king gods as his hatered slowly coruptet his noble heart

Zeke bevore he became part devil

zeke bevore he became part devil

not finnish history yet so i wont forget the things

not finnish history yet so i wont forget the idees

  • zeke what first was the strongest defenders with zeus who was of course a slight bit stronger to make it intresthign soon startet to become the strongest villain olympus ever haded to face
  • thats why i asked if you had a wife or mabye anather friend so zeke turned his back on olympus and killed a close friend or wife of zeus in the shadow as zeus tried to find oud who did it zeke was there to help him zeus was glad to see his best friend helping him in this day of need as he led his guard down so zeke could strike him of course zeus wasnt that easy to get a hit on not even for zeke his power zeus blocket the hit just in time that lead for just a tiny wound of his arm zeus asked zeke why did you do that or what are you doing as zeke anser you time as king of god is over and a long battle startet ad a point of the battle zeke was likly to beat zeus as he beaten zeus to the ground but zeke his mouth spoke bevore the killing blow and saided you might wonder who killed your friend or wife zeus yes it was me and zeus lost his mind and became in a sort of rage mode and lightning startet to suround his body as clouds became darker and startet to become in a rage mode