Magic Policy

Here at the Tails of Fairy Tail Wiki, we try to preach creativity. So, to keep your creative juices flowing, there will be a restriction placed on the number of Magics that already exist in the main Fairy Tail series, created by Hiro Mashima. Obviously, if your Magic is a type of Magic that already exists, then that's fine (i.e. you made your own type of Fire Magic, but Fire Magic already exists), but specific types of Magic are frowned upon (i.e. Makarov Dreyar's Titan, or Ultear Milkovich's Arc of Time). There are, however, exceptions to this rule, which are as follows:

  • Dragon Slayer Magic
  • God Slayer Magic

However, even these have their limits. You MAY NOT add a page for a Dragon Slayer or God Slayer Magic that already exists, for as far as we know, there can only be one user of each.

If you wish to give your character a Lost Magic, please check and see if the idea has been taken already, if so, try to come up with something different. Failure to do this may result in your page being deleted.

Also, please take note of the powers your Magic possesses. If it is deemed too overpowered, it will become a candidate for deletion. I do not want to destroy someone's creation, but it would be unfair to the others if they worked hard on a character that is level in strength, only for your character, who may or may not be in the same universe as that character, be over-powered. This is different if you are designing a villain, but your villain may not be completely over-powered either, as your main character may have to beat that villain.

If a character/Magic is deemed to be fit for deletion, you will be informed, and have 3 days to fix it, otherwise, it WILL be deleted. You are welcome to make the page again, as long as you follow the rules stated above.

Failure to follow this rule after repeated warnings may result in being blocked.

If you are unsure as to whether your Magic is allowed, ASK an Admin. As decreed by the sole bureaucrat, these rules are no longer in effect. As such, any enforcement of these are overruled until further notice.

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