Character Policy

As for Characters, here at the Fairy Tail wiki, we want you to be original and come up with your own ideas, and be creative. Although you don't need to make your own art for you to be creative, if you do use things from a different anime or manga, please try to differentiate their powers from one another so they aren't exactly the same.

If you want to keep the powers the same here are some things you can change:

  • Weakness
  • Concept
  • Ability
  • Strengths

Aside from that, each character should include seven sections to their pages under Title Two so it can be found easier in the contents. The seven sections that should be included are:

  • Appearance: We would like to know what your character looks like here. How their hair normally is, their eye color, and what they usually wear on a daily basis. This is fairly fundamental in having a character, as nobody wants their fanon characters in the nude.
  • Personality: There is no use of having a fanon character who is monotone and flat. Give them a personality that differentiates them from stupid cyborgs who want to destroy the earth! And... Cyborgs... if you are reading this... I don't mean it!
  • History: Please try and include your character's history, as it would be nice to know about them and what they came from to make them who they are currently (like why a villain is evil).
  • Synopsis: This is where you decide what to put. Sum up the adventures of your fanon characters from an RP or a fanon series! This is where you can be creative, but if you own multiple pages, make sure these match so we don't get confused.
  • Magic and Abilities: Is your character fast? Strong? Flexible? Oh, never mind my fetishes... Anyways, this is where you would express this! Here you get out the creativity of your Magic and show us your TRUE essence! (if applicable)
  • Equipment: Does your character have a sword as cool as Excalibur or as hot as a flamethrower? Tell us here what it is capable of and what your character uses it for. (if applicable)
  • Trivia: This is where you right some facts about your character which you cannot include in the above six. Here is where you name which manga, anime or game your character is from or where you got the inspiration for their concept and their being (if you drew them).
As decreed by the sole bureaucrat, these rules are no longer in effect. As such, any enforcement of these are overruled until further notice.

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