Soul Trackers

Grim Reaper


Underworld Organization




The Soul Trackers are an Elite group of humans turned demons who were hand picked by Grim Reaper to seek out the damned souls, or demons who have escaped from hell and bring them back. The world would be in utter chaos with supernatural beings without the Soul Trackers.

Known Soul Trackers

The Soul Trackers are people who have lived horrible lives, who are not afraid of the darkest of evils due to living in darkest conditions ever known to man. The Soul Trackers despite doing good in the world are made up of the most corrupt, evil ,blood-carving, and twisted men in existence and if not to their loyalty to their father Grim Reaper, who knows what damage they could release upon the world. These members no longer live in fear as they are fear, each with dark past they turned their misfortune into opportunity and so help anyone who stand in their way of their mission cause they will do more than just kill, they will show something more worse than hell itself.

How to become a Soul Tracker

To become a Soul Tracker, is not something you can become, to even be considered, you must be born to a doomed life, you must experience more than just hate, lose, loneliness. You must know what it feels like to be unwanted, to know your life was literally mistake, you must experience what hell is truly like , you have to experience fear in order to become it, and only then will death truly find you worthy.


  • All Soul Tracker upon receving their marks lose their humanity and become demons of the underworld.
  • Every Tracker is given a power that represents them of their past.