Soul Trackers are a group created by the Grim Reaper. This unit is made up of skilled trackers who hunt down damned souls or Demon beasts and destroy them before they can cause harm to the Earth. There are only 5 Trackers who are ranked 1 to 5 and who are given Soul Magic to hunt souls down. Without them the earth would be in a state of chaos but thanks to the Soul Trackers that is prevented from happening. Each Soul Tracker has had a dark past and is known to be the five most demonic/unstable/corrupted beings in hell after the Grim Repear cause like they say thr best way to hunt dogs are by using bigger dogs.

Known Soul Trackers


  • Soul Tracker is made up from the name Soul Meister from the anime Soul Eater.
  • There are only two Soul Trackers who are Dragon Slayers.

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