Ryana Oshiro



Female Female






51 Kg


August 18th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Rose Hills

Guild Mark Location

Back of Right Hand



Personal Status



Heavens Dragon Slayer Magic
Celestial Spirit Magic

Ryana Oshiro is the S-classed mage of Rose Hills Guild and a Heavens Dragon Slayer.


Ryana has purple eyes and long blonde hair. Her red Rose Hill stamp is located  on the back side of her right hand. She is a beautiful mage, often mersmerizing everyone at first sight. Her beauty is known throughout the land. She has a slender figure and curvaceous body.

Ryana likes to wear skirt or short pants, along with boots or shoes. Her outfits are usually short, however, she often wears traditional clothings during festivals. Back at her mansion, Ryana used to wear long and heavy gowns and her hair had a big red ribbon tied with it. 


Ryana is usually ignorant about her beauty, as she does not cares much about her appearance. She is very mild and polite with her friends, however, her personality towards her enemies is very fierce. She is forgiving and kind, and is adored by her Guild members. Ryana's personality changed a lot since she joined Rose Hills, as stated by a former friend. As a kid, Ryana was scared of her parents, not telling them about her personal interests. Most probably because her parents were too busy with their business that they had very little time for the kids. She had very few friends, mostly from the mansion or relatives.

However, after she joined Rose Hills, Ryana made many friends. She developed a very close relationship with her guild members and treats them as family, recieving the same in return. Ryana usually hides her true feelings when she is embarrassed. However, her expressions are easy to read. Moreover, she blushes a lot.


Ryana is the only daughter of the rich Oshiro Family. She spent her childhood back at her mansion, mostly in the company of her brother, her caretaker, her cousin, her dragon and the staffs at the mansion.

One day while playing around, Ryana and her brother found a hidden passage, which led to a deep cave. There she found her dragon, named Stella. Stella taught them magic related to the stars. Ryana ran away from home on the belief that her parents were the reason behind Stella's disappearance. Her faithful meeting with Ryuu, an S-class mage of Rose Hills, led her to joining the guild .

Magic And Abilities

Being a Heavens dragon slayer, Ryana has a lot of special abilities. She can cast various kinds of magic spells.

Ryana is the owner of the silver keys. She also owns the special crimson keys which are similar, or even more powerful than the zodiac keys.

Her silver keys includes: 

Her crimson spirit includes:


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