Royal Arm 14
Magnum of the Lost

Royal Arm



"There was once a King who could erase the existance of a man with a single bullet, this was his magnum, that will defy the laws of the universe till the test of times" - The Magnum of the Lost described by Gladius

The Magnum of the Lost is one of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Magnum is a large Revolver with the inscription "Forgotten" written on the side of the barrel. This is known to be the most powerful Royal Arm within Gladius' arsenal and in the known universe. The ability of the weapon is not the gun itself, but the bullet instead. The bullet this Gun uses is called the "Eraser", with this bullet the user is able to literally wipe anything thing out of existence for good living. The bullet contains so much Cosmic energy it can literally wipe out plants. However despite this powerful weapon, it has only been fired once throught history.


  • According to Gladius himself the Magnum of the Lost might have been the weapon that ended the bloody battle of theFourteen Knights who fought over the title King of Greece.