Royal arm 10
Mace of the Fierce

Royal Arm



"There was once a King whose strength shook the ground with mighty fires. this was his mace, that blows its foes away with force of expolsions." ''- The Mace of the Fierce described by Gladius

The Mace of the Fierce is one of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Mace of the fierce is a large and heavily spiked magic with five large ending, that is connected to long wooden staff covered in bandages. The Mace's is simple, but lethal, whenever it makes contact with a solid object after a swing, it will cause a massive explosion of white hell fire, that can spread up to 10-100mm depending on how hard the swing was all, and the second ability with this weapon grants the user, resistance to any and all forms of fire allowing free use of it without being afraid of the fire.