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2(Arcobaleno Form)
15 (Growth form stage 1)
25 (Growth form Stage 2)


May 5th

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Lambo is a Arcobaleno and holder of the Lighting Pacifier.

Character Outline

Lambo is a 5-year-old hitman and Arcobaleno, He is a spoiled and cowardly child who takes candy from everyone. The other Arcobaleno consider him to be overly annoying and stupid, referring to him as stupid cow. Lambo is considered annoying by most of the people he meets, but by his fellow Arcobaleno, he is also considered as someone dear to them. He is shown to be very self-confident and views himself with high regards, but he often ends up crying over small things. When Lambo is surprised, he normally expresses his shock by shouting, "Gupyaa!". And when Lambo fights he goes into growth form cause he to scared to fight in his little form. Also when he happy must of the time he sings a song and he thinks of himself as a good hitman and refers to himself in third person as "Lambo-san.".

Magic and Abilities

Lambo GA

15 year old Lambo in his First Growth Stage.

Lighting Magic: Lambo has a special traits with his magic due to him being the holder of the Lighting Pacifier he can take a extreme amount of lighting and feel nothing, the other Arcobaleno said that Lambo can take enough lighting that could power an entire city while a normal person would be burn to a crisp.

Rainbow Lighting: Lambo is able to create different colors of lighting and each color having a different effect.

Growth Ability: Lambo growth ability is much different from the other Arcobaleno he can double the age and become a even older version of which he goes from his first growth stage when he is 15 to 25 himself.

Techniques :

  • Elettrico Cuoio: Due to being struck many times by lightning, electricity passes right through Lambo with little effect.
  • Thunder Set: When Lambo goes into adult form or his Growth older Lambo summons lightning and stores them into his horns to use the collected volts to attack.
  • Elettrico Cornata: After using Thunder Set, adult Lambo can then charge his opponent in an attack called Elettrico Cornata. It's weakness is it's short range but 25 year old Lambo can project the electricity much further.
  • Elettrico Reverse: A technique used by 25 year old Lambo where he releases stored electricity into the ground.
  • Corna Fulmine (Lightning Horns): The shield unleashes powerful Lightning to defeat the enemies around the user.
  • Ironhorn Electorico: 15 year old Lambo melts and solidifies the iron sand, creating powerful objects which he uses as projectiles.
  • Ferro Corno Electro Shock: Lambo creates two massive objects by using the Iron Sand, and then coats it with the Lightning Flame.


  • Grenades:Lambo keeps hand Grenades in his Afro.
  • Horns: These horns can store and release electricity, acquired from lightning.
  • Lightning Bull: A large Lightning Bull named Gyuudon, that Lambo can ride.

Image Gallery

Lambo GA 2

25 year old Lambo in hi Second Growth stage.

Lambo and Gyuudon

Lambo and Gyuudon.

Lambo casting shock wave

25 year old Lambo casting Elettrico Reverse.