Age: 24

Birthday: February 2, 1994

Gender: Female

Personality: Cheerful, and Smart

Quote: "Don't worry, my frost is worse than my bite"


Association: Agent of Exiled

Abilities: Water/Ice Magic

Grand Surge - User summons a massive tidal wave that crushes enemies.

Diamond Dust Breaker - User encases the enemy in ice and impales them with ice spikes.

Tide Pool Cyclone - User creates a tornado wall of water that can be used to suck enemies up and suffocate them.

Hydro Vortex - User creates a swirling ball of water around enemies that can collapse on them and drown them.

Glacial Front - User creates massive ice columns that can erupt from the ground and strike enemies.


Kira was always the first person to tell you everything would be okay, growing up she made sure everyone had a smile on their face whether it was raining or shining. Top of her class in school, Kira always made sure her fellow classmates and friends also excelled in their school work. Everyone enjoyed having her around, even though at home, her cheerful smile would fade away. Kira's home life was not the best, her father was an alcoholic and her mother worked two jobs. Kira was responsible for most of the house hold chores and taking care of her younger brother, Syrus. Although times were hard at home, Kira always made time for her younger brother and tried to keep a smile on her face for his sake. One night, however, her inebriated father mistakenly left a lit cigarette on couch, which caused the a small fire that quickly engulfed the whole house. Kira awoke to the smell of smoke and quickly rushed to her brothers room to save him from the flames that were clawing their way through the house.In a desperate attempt to save Syrus, Kira rushed through the flames and was able to get Syrus outside safely before collapsing from her injuries. Kira's father, however, was not so lucky to escape the blaze. Kira was rushed to the hospital, but due to the severity of her injuries, she succumbed to them a few days later. As she lay in the hospital bed, feeling her life slowly fade away, time seemed to slow and a voice came over her, "You who selflessly sacrificed your own well being for that of another has been chosen by the Agents of the Exiled, I, Penthesilea, have chosen you as my Vessel, if you choose to accept your life will be given a new..." For several years now Kira has fought along side the other Agents ensuring that Earth's dimension remains safe from chaos and destruction.