Royal Arm 7
Katana of the Warrior

Royal Arm



"There was a clever King who had no speical ability, but gained the power to steal his foe's strength, this was his Katana, turning its enemie's strength into their own enemy." - The Sword of the Warrior described by Gladius

The Katana of the Warrior is one of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Katana of the Warrior is a Japanese style sword with a sharp black blade, encased with a black sheath. The sword makes quick use of the "Iai Stance" a quick draw style meant to use the sword for a single and deadly strike before retreating it back into the sheath. The sword has the ability to store the energy it blocks from a attack and charge up in the sheath to release a deadly strike. The sword's quick draw is said to even be faster the speed given to the user by Rapier of the Swift. The more energy it consumes the stronger the release of power it will give. The other ability of this sword allows the user to cut reality and time itself to create portals for fast travel.