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Ariadne sprite in P4A

Age: Unknown

Birthday: July 8

Quote: "Age doesn't mean anything when I can still take you down!"

Personality: Motherly, and Energetic

Association: Agents of the Exiled

Abilities: Earth Magic

Quaking Splitter - User summons giant roots that impale enemies.

Giga Plate Impact - User summons massive boulders and hurls them at enemies.

Solar Pulse - User forms a bright energy blast and fires it at enemies.

Razor Vine - User summons earthly vines that can be used to attack enemies and entangle them.

Stone Edge Hammer - User summons a massive stone hammer and uses it to strike down enemies.

Sink Hole Prison - User strikes the ground, which causes the ground to create a massive whirlpool that sucks enemies in.


Not a lot is known about Iris other than she has been an Agent for quite sometime. She is the eldest of the Agents and looks over them as her children, often referring to herself as their mother. Iris's Persona is Ariadne.