"My fate is never sealed I will break the impossible and become the Greatest Hero and won't stop cause I am gonna end it with a bang and prove people wrong Dragon King Style"


Dragon King (called by Dragons)
World Greatest Fighter (self proclaim)
Yukimura Dragoneel(real name) Zero (Older version Nickanme)


Dragon/ Human


Male Male


20(when in Dragon Force: Rebuke)
19 (when in Dragon King)






September 10

Hair Color

Brown (default)
Brown(when in dragon king form)
Orange (when in Dragon Force Rebuke Form)

Eye Color

Brown(when in Dragon king Form)

Blood Type


Professional Status

Spade Kings

Previous Affiliation

Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Upper Left Chest



Base of Operations

Spade Kings

Personal Status



Enma(Best Friend,Deceased)
Death the Kid(Cousin)
Grim Reaper(Uncle)
Reborn(Foster Uncle)


Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic


X Rings

Image Gallery

Ike (ドレイク) is the son of the Legendary Dragon King Zeref making him also known as the "Dragon King".

(Rp battle music)


As Ike: Ike is a average height built kid as he had spike brown hair and eyes. Ike is seen wearing three types of outfit sets; 1) He wears a suit'n tie which consists with a white button down shirt with a black coat over, black pants and dress shoes. He also at rare times wears red wireless headphone plugs. This is Ike's default attire.

2)His second attire he wears a long white sleeve shirt with a black button down shirt dark over white put ends folded with dark black jeans and black shoes with a red tie. He wears this when he goes somewhere far mostly foreign. 3) When he is on his free time he wears a black shirt and with tan pants with black running shoes. He also wears his X rings on his fingers with all three attires.

As Zero: Zero has golden blonde hair and his eyes are a sharp orange tone, he wears a black suit with white pinstripes and a white undershirt with a black tie. He also wears a long cape with a golden, decorated attachment giving off the sense of a elegant man.

As Yukimura: Yukimura has short brown hair as he wears a red headband around around it. He is tall built and wears a red short jacket with white pants as red boots and gloves. Giving off the sense of the traditional Japanese Sengoku samurai.


Ike has MPD ("Multiple Personality Distorter") having two different personalities of himself one for example he can be hotheaded being over confident and saying he is the next "World's Greatest Hero" , Ike always keeps a vow saying that he will never lose his goal and that the day he loses it is the day he dies this makes Ike a worthy fighter and with a strong heart of will thus also making a name for himself. Ike second personality of him happens commonly out of battles him being chill and not talking much which drives his father Reborn nuts.


Ike is the son of the Almighty Dragon King Zeref, who he was raised by and taught Ike how to use his ability, also teaching him how to read, write, and learn about all the exciting things from life. Ike grew older and got stronger every year and eventually tapped into a magic Zeref couldn't master as Ike learned and became the Elemental Dragon Slayer but Ike had trouble and was growing mad at how he couldn't master his magic, but his father told him about why people reach certain types of goals they wish to attain before they die as a moral lesson but at the age of 10, Ike's father vanishes on him one day and never returned not giving a sense of reason why he left, which resulted in leaving Ike all alone which Ike began to lose memory of which his father looks and their memories together. Ike grew on his own for the last 7 years and is in search for his father but also living up to that one goal he will attain and that is to make his father proud and become the World's Strongest Hero. But on his trips he met a man named Reborn who would later train Ike and eventually under his teaching Ike mastered his magic. Soon Ike looked at Reborn as not a friend but as a father and soon Reborn accepted that title becoming Ike's foster dad and soon Ike with his Father Reborn set off and to uncover what they're pasts have left them to discover.

Magic and Abilities

Dragon Slayer Magic: Being the Elemental Dragon Slayer Ike has the ability to use all the elements but like all Slayer he cannot eat his own element he produces himself, he knows the following elements so far Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth Ike uses Fire as his main cause its his strongest Element. Also when Ike uses Fire his eye contacts turn Orange. But there are three major Drawbacks one is Ike cannot eat multiple Elements at once or he will get sick and most of attack are timed making him open when he casting them, and Ike revive double damage inflicted on him from non Element based attack meaning if someone uses a magic that doesn't a element Ike receive 2x the damage.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat: When using Hand to hand combat Ike is a expert using both Speed and Power making him deadly.

Swordsmanship: Ike is shown to be able to hold is own in a sword fight even not being a fully train Swordsmen.

Enhanced Strength: Ike has been training physically since he was little making him stronger than average human being able to lift a building with one hand with complete ease.

Intense Durability; Due to Ike not being one of the fastest fighter he makes up up his for his speed by being amazing durable able to take a thousands hits and still stand ready.

Enhanced Sense of Smell: Due to Ike being part dragon he gains the properties as one, he has the ability to smell anyone or anything 6-9 miles away.

Berserk Mode Stages:

  • Dragon Force: Ike is able to unlock Dragon Force mode which his skin starts becoming like Dragon Scales and his voice becomes deeper and magical energy surrounds him making him 10 x stronger.
  • Dragon Force Rebuke: Ike slightly gets spikier and his eyes and hair glow Orange also making him have more Dragon Scales appear on his skin. With this he grows even more stronger making his elements amplify even higher above average giving him a major boost in strength. Also when this is activated Ike turns into a completely different version of himself known as Zero "The Slayer who Slays All" appearing to be a completely different appearance, this is said to be Ike as an Older version of himself and said to be from the future who comes to aid the younger Ike when needed basically meaning Ike future self will come to aid his past self.
  • Dragon King: In this Form Ike turns into another completely other person known as "Dragon King Yuikimura" this is said to be Ike's Counter part meaning that Yukimura is the real Ike and the other Ike was just a default appearance to cover up the true power in other form. Yukimura stands for "The one whose flames burn hotter than 1000 suns", Yukimura looks nothing like the other Ike due to him being different and his personality, he is more hotheaded and th
    Images (27)

    I am Dragon King Yukimura!

    inks battle is everything. The reason this is the so called "the real Ike" is because Ike's father once said "Ike your true inner self will come when you tap into your true desire for strength and once that person you really are awakens your thirst for Victory will grow". So far this is Ike last known form but not his strongest due to the fact he has only use this once.


  • Ike is known to forget he is the Elemental Dragon Slayer cause he rarely combines them in a fight and rather just uses one Element.
  • Ike true sir name is Yukimura Dragoneel, he created his alias Ike by taking Ike a common Dragon name and using Dreyar which is given to him by Reborn. When people call Ike Yukimura he gets a flashback of his father.


  • "I will become the Dragon King no matter how long it takes, that's the goal I aim for and will not stop till I reach the top"- Ike to his Father
  • I'm not a saint, a savoir, or villain I am Ike Dreyar the Dragon King nothing more nothing less and my name will be heard throughout the world"- Ike to Lord Death
  • "The power given to me isn't a gift or blessing its a power earned by me to show no matter the goal I wish to attain, one can make it true"-Ike to Lord Death
  • "Only two people survive on the battlefield the Strong and Coward the Brave always dies first"-Ike to Death the Kid


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