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Posiedan (father)


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The Fourteen Royal Arms of Power

Gladius is the Greek God of Power. He is also the creator of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


Gladius is known to be a extremely handsome man and well built. Standing tall with short wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, and at times his left eye will emit a flame causing it to turn clear blue. He wears gold armor with a large blue cape named "Aegis" clipped onto his left shoulder that extends to the ground. He is also seen caring around his main Royal Arm, Rapier of the Swift sheated by his waist as well.


Gladius is often seen as a very hardworking and ambitious god. He strives to understand the meaning of his purpose and title, this is highly true as he once ventured out of Olympus as a kid and fought demons, giants, and dragons all to test his strength in battle his thirst to understand his abilities is one of his many goals in life however he is not a fool and knows that too much power can cause a man to go mad and makes sure to preach this saying to every god and Goddess in Olympus. He is known to acknowledge those who are strong, and brave. He is however nice to the other gods and goddess of Olympus, and respects those of higher power.


When mortals seeks victory they pray to Nike, or when sailors pray for a safe voyage Poseidon is the one who heeds their call, however when people need the power to overcome any obstacles in their way they answer the God of Power himself Gladius. Since ancient times Gladius as ruled over the domain of power as he is the literal embodiment of every Gods' power. Gladius as the youngest of Poseidon's children he was destined for many great things. He would go out and fight anything stronger than him, and would defeat it growing stronger. Once there was a war where fourteen knights wanted to become king of the Greece, and each prayed to Gladius to have him grant them power to overcome the other. Gladius than replied hearing their prayers "I request you each bring me a weapon, which ever I deem the strongest will be named King of Greece" so each brought their most praised weapon before Galdius and suddenly they were given each different types of powers befitting the weapon, he would name these weapons the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power which were used by Kings of the past who earned great power in their time, and soon  the fourteen Knights fought each with a different Royal Arm in hand for a single bloody night  , and at the end of the battle no king was left standing as the Royal Arms' power was merely a test to see if they could handle having great power and Gladius laughed as he said, "Even with a great power like these, if not wielded by those who take time to understand it, and work hard to attain such power they will go drunk with it and meet their demise" he told this lesson to the dead corpses. The God of Power is a man whose master the art of giving and removing Power to those who seek and will also be the one who will make sure that even strongest of Power if in the wrong hands can be the ruin to even the most mightiest of men.


Power Manipulation and Mimicry: Gladius is able to produce Power stored inside of him and release it at his enemy in a large vortex. He is also able to physically steal and copy another person ability at a time and use it at the same level of strength as they can. however he can only do this once.

Water Manipulation: Galdius has the inate ability to control the element of water summoning water out of thin air and cuasing massive waves. However while he does not posses the level of strength with this ability like his father has, the usage of the Trident of the Ocean can stengthing his use of it.

Weapon Manipulation and Manifestation: Gladius is able to summon his fourteen Royal Arms out of thin air and use every weapon at a master level, each Royal Arm is solid representation of a God like state which Gladius can enter only one at a time (for example The Rapier of the Swift allows him to move as fast as Hermes, or The Blade of Destruction increase his strength drastically), however Gladius also can the ability to summon all them at once known as "Armiger" in which all the weapons float around him and act like puppets for him to control, this also increases his strength and speed. The names of the Royal Arms are as followed;