Falaranion's New Image
Falaranion Capolom

ファララニオン カポロム


fararanion kaporomu






Male Male








November 10, X667

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail (Technically Retired.)

Guild Mark Location

Center Back

Base of Operations

In the Forests of Ishgar, mainly Northwest of Magnolia

Personal Status



Mother (deceased) Father (deceased) 2 Brothers (deceased) 1 Sister (deceased)


Gaia Dragon Slayer Magic
Age Magic


Two Twin Double-edged swords, Various Constructs


Falaranion Capolom (ファララニオン カポロム fararanion kaporomu) is the Gaia Dragon Slayer, born over 100 years ago. Throughout his life, he has diverted the plans of many dark guilds such as Mayhem Light, Red Rose, and Death's Hand alongside the famous Mavis Vermillion and Fairy Tail. Falaranion was one of the first generation of Fairy Tail, and still remains loyal to the guild today.


Falaranion is known to be a rather tall man, with fine features and having a rather thin form. He has dark blue eyes, like sapphires. His white hair is rather messy, but never greasy or unwashed. it sticks out in random spots of his head, and a couple bangs slip down his face and cover his eyes and nose. He carries a visible aura of dark green, due to the Age Magic that he uses to alter the his physical appearance, which he passes off as a reaction of holding vast amounts of magical power inside his body. His outfit in his younger form consists of a white, hooded cloak that wraps around his shoulders, held up by a belt with a looped clasp. On the part of the cloak that goes over his shoulders, there are two shoulder plates shaped like shields. Underneath the cloak is something like a military uniform from a different country, consisting of 7 buttons and colored white and grey-blue. Around his waist is a leather belt shaded grey-blue, and held together by a golden clasp. His pants are a simple shade of dark blue, with regular white and grey shoes. Around Falaranion's wrists are two blue and gold-striped wrist guards, and over his hands are grey gloves.

His true form is much different, taking the look of a tall, well build old man with a flowing white beard and longer hair, hair that reaches nearly to the ground. His face is old, but oddly lacks wrinkles other than at the corner of his eyes, from constantly smiling. His outfit in his older form consists of a crimson overcoat that is pinned at his neck with a leaf shaped broach, similar to the ones that the Hobbits wore in the movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Under the cloak is a black vest and a midnight black tie. His pants are also black, and his feet are covered by simple a pair of Getas (Japanese sandals). He uses an ivory staff topped with the head of a snarling Dragon.


Falaranion started out as a playful child, spending his life living in semi-peace. In the back of everyone's mind was the threat of the Dark Guild, but that never stopped him from running around and being joyous with his friends and family.



Magic and Abilities

Physical Ability

Immense Strength: Because of his Dragon Lacrima, he has been granted a small bit of the strength that a Dragon would wield, allowing him to crush rocks with ease, and lift boulders with a little effort. This helps him when fighting with his Dragon Slayer Magic and Earth Maker Magic because of the weight of the weapons or the force of the the spells he uses.

Immense Durability and Endurance: Falaranion is able to take numerous hits from weapons, magic, and other things due to his Gaia Dragon Slayer Magic. His skin is able to withstand the harshest of conditions and attacks, as well as being able to shield from most magic attacks. He can fall from great heights and come out with a few scratches, thanks to his tough skin and earthen bones. By using the spell Gaia Dragon's Scales, He is able to increase his defense and decrease the amount of damage taken. The Dragon's scales allow him to take hits with ease, grab blades, and even break bones of those he is in battle with.

Magical Abilities

Enchanted Swords: Because of his ability to consume earth to restore his magical power, he often over-eats, and ends up with an overflowing well of magic power. He figured out a way to counteract this by allowing some of that magic to flow into his swords, or whatever other weapon he is using at the time. He has learned a couple skills by using his Dragon Slayer Magic through the swords, such as Rumble, which allows him to stab either one or both of his weapons into the ground and create minor tremors in a 15 meter radius. Another one of these skills is his Gaia Dragon's Divine Blade, which allows him to swing his blade and send a shockwave of magic energy at his enemies.

Vast amounts of Magic Power: Because he is able to consume earth, which is constantly around him, he is able to fill his magic reservoir to the max, and then some. Because of this, he is able to fight for longer periods of time and use more spells in fights. Being his age, he has unlocked his Second Origin, and is able to overfill not one, but two magic reservoirs.

  • Magical Aura: This has two causes. The first cause is due to his Age Magic, which allows him to change his appearance to that of a young man, but it comes with a side effect of giving him somewhat of a greenish glow. However, that is dwarfed by the true Magic Aura that envelops Falaranion's body, due to him overfilling his magic reservoir constantly. The overflowing Magic takes the form of a dark green aura, nearly reducing Falaranion into a silhouette because of how much magic he uses to make the aura. He uses this aura to intimidate his foes, and often can also attack with it, exerting waves of magical energy from inside his body and out at his enemies.

Enhanced Ethernano Absorption: Because of his ability to consume Earth, he is able to consume the element to speed up the process of absorbing Ethernano naturally. This is a major advantage for him, as he is able to use magic for a longer period of time and thoroughly beat his enemies.

Magic Staff: Falaranion's older form carries an ivory staff topped with the head of a snarling Dragon that he can use to channel other magics such as Fire Magic, Wind Magic, and Lighting Magic with. However, he does not use his own power to do so, as it is a Holder Magic.

Pocket Dimension: Falaranion uses a special pocket dimension similar to one that a user of The Knight would store their weapons. He stores two double-edged swords in there, and summons them for battles.

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