Dragon God Slayer Magic



Doragon Goddo Sureia Maho


Caster Magic



Dragon God Slayer Magic(竜神スレイヤー魔法, Doragon Goddo Sureia Maho) is a devastating form of magic that takes fundamentals directly from The One Magic. 

Fire dragon god slayer Spells Fire Dragon gods: Roar, Dragon God Fist, Hephaestus - a sword made of flames, Sword Thrust, Kagutsuchi - Blazethrower, Scales, Igneel - a upgraded version of scales, Dragon God Claw, Igneel 2v,

Dragon God Slayer Secret Art: Igneel 3v, Igneel 4v, Igneel 5v, Dragon King burst - when used u would look like a super saiyen God, Dragon King burst 2v - u would look like a suer saiyen God super saiyen,

Dragon God Slayer Ultimate Art: Dragon God burst, Dragon God True Burst - you look like a true super saiyen God with your true burst. Mine looks like the aura of black goku, Dragon God brilliant blaze - bigger version of brilliant flame,

Red Dragon Emperor Mode Red Dragon Emperors: Fist, Claw, Roar, Dragon Beam - a red beam, Coming soon

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