A dimension is a separate plane of reality. While many people can claim Earth as their homeworld, many times this planet differs greatly, with entirely different histories and nations, a result of two Earths belonging to separate dimensions


Dimensions each hold an alternate form of reality from each other, containing their own separate universes. The laws of physics can differ greatly between them, with one dimension allowing for the survival of falling from high heights or the use of magical powers, while another universe does not allow either of these factors regardless of the experience of the user.

Most entities known as "gods" are not, in fact, deities, but rather powerful entities ranging from a variety of nations and dimensions. Because dimensions can be traversed rather easily due to the instability of space, individuals constantly find themselves warped around to different dimensions entirely by accident.

It is said that everything, including any work of fiction, contains its own dimension, and that out there the dimension can be reached with difficulty, but possibility.

Certain dimensions cannot be directly traversed, and other dimensions greatly alter the reality of individuals from oen to another. It's also entirely possible for a person to completely change species or form in another dimension simply due to the laws of physics and magical potential of that world requiring specific biology.


Action-Based Universe

in such an example, an average human would likely find their skills heightened, or even unawoken powers they never knew about or couldn't use in their home dimension. This makes action-based dimensions both promising, but incredibly dangerous.

Fantasy-Based Universe

While most people do not arrive in such a universe with amazing powers, they often find themselves capable of feats not typical to their race. Additionally, training and effort can allow them to wield powers they would otherwise not usually have, although whether such powers work in other universes is entirely dependant on the universe.

Drama-Based Universe

in the overwhelming majority of these situations, an individual will find themselves without any powers whatsoever, and that such powers are impossible. What is often regarded as "normal human" is what is standard in these universes. Such humans can only take blows up to a certain PSI before death, cannot survive falls over ten feet or more without damage, have to worry about health and body, and cannot cast any magic or change forms.

While not inherently dangerous, Drama-Based Universes can be particularly difficult to escape, so caution should be taken when entering, and an escape plan should be devised.

Horror-Based Universe

In such universes, individuals will oftne find themselves heavily weakened, especially against powerful supernatural or extraordinary combatants. What would usually be nary a difficult fight in their home dimension would be quite difficult. For example:

  • An individual who has powerful use of fire magic and high durability enters such a universe. They find themselves fighting a powerful foe wielding no more than a machete. Despite their obvious advantage, the individual will find their magic weakened to the point of uselessness, and their superhuman durability will seemingly vanish. This individual may even find themselves dead in a single blow to the chest or head, especially with the weapon.
  • An individual from their dimension regarded as a "devil" or "demon" who tends to have control over supernatural opponens would find themselves barely capable of holding up against such beings. It wouldn't take long for said individual to find their control over the damned is entirely ineffective, and the spirits they are facing greatly overpower them.

Horror-based universes should be avoided at all costs. Exiting a horror universe is oftenimpossibly difficult by conventional means. Often the only way to escape such a universe is to reach "The End", and conclude whatever tale or beast you are tasked with defeating or escaping.

Species-Specific Universe

Such universes often have a dominant species in their universe. It is very common for people entering these universes to suddenly convert their species to said universal principle. Changes are oftne reversible by simply leaving said universe, and are painless.


Universes in which reside what are known as "Heavens" cannot be freely entered or exited. These universes often contain the souls of the deceased, and can be incredibly unpredictable. There are cases of people willingly and fully entering these Heavens, however no known case has ever been found of someone leaving after entering.