Royal Arm 5
Dagger of the Song

Royal Arm



"There was once a Queen, who played a Sung, that quelled even the wildest of Beasts, this is her Dagger, forever echoing its tune throughout history" - The Dagger of the Song described by Gladius

The Dagger of the Song is one of the fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Dagger is coated with pure solid gold with green coated on the outlines. The dagger also has a whole on the grip with three piston vales on the grip similar like on a trumpet. The Dagger's ability allows the user to wield the power of music and sound similar to the great Apollo himself. The second and most deadly part of the dagger is able to play a song called, "To mávro ángigma" this ability allows the user to put anyone he/she wishes asleep for as long as they play the song. This can be done uniquely as the user must blow into the hole on the grip and uses the Piston Values as well making this not only a dagger, but a instrument as well.