Chi Kobayashi is a member of the ancient village of Kenobya: a population lost to time, a God of Nature, Ruler of Kenobya, and a World Jumper bringing sanctuary for those he can help.

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Chi Kobayashi

Cadmus Ra
Old Man Chi
Harbinger of Life
Lord Chi
1st Lord of Kenobya


God Human, Kenobyan (Formerly)


Male Male








Hair Color

Black + White Streaks

Eye Color

Left Red
Right Green

Blood Type


Professional Status

Hayashida Cafe Group


Keeper of Kenobya
God of Nature


Kaneda Hayashida (Former)
Sora Azagazil

Base of Operations


Personal Status



Kobayashi Tribe (deceased)


Nature Manipulation
Limited Reality Manipulation


Nokia Rocket Launcher (Magically Enchanted)


Chi Kobayashi is a tall man, and starting from the top he has medium length black hair that he styles with white streaks among the black. His face is not much to see aside from his eyes, which are heterochromic, meaning that his left eye is red and his right eye is green. He typically wears a black suit flecked with golden paint and a red tie around his neck.

Occasionally Chi jokingly transforms into a hunched over, shriveled old man. This old man carries a cane formed from the root of a tree that curls into a circle at the top for a hand hold. His old man form has short white hair and he wears a plant green sweater and brown cargo pants.


Chi has always been a kindhearted person. Since he was born he had a preference for nature over humanity and the influence of his tribe allowed him to enjoy these pursuits. He sees light in every darkness and offers sanctuary to those who seek it. Chi is always willing to offer advice, help, or to simply sit down with someone and chat over tea or coffee.

To Chi, life is a wonderful thing that he sees in his own special way, and he does his best to allow others to see it the way he does. In his eyes everyone is misguided, always seeing what could be and what was rather than experiencing everything to the fullest. Their mortal lives were over in an instant in his mind, but if he could make a lasting impression on them then he feels satisfied.


Long, long ago there existed a small hunter’s village with a small population of 2,000. The village was named Kenobya, and was built in the form of huts and tents in formations that resembled modern day neighborhoods. The Kenobyans, like many before and after them, worshiped Gods. Unlike most other societies, however, the Kenobyan Gods were very real. There were several occasions, such as Kenobya’s festival for the sun god Nighla, where Gods would appear in human form and join the festivities, or when they’d host funerals for the dead and the God of the dead, Malthus, would appear and perform the burial rights himself. The citizens did not fear the gods either but instead strived to work alongside them and better themselves to rise to the power of Godhood like the stories tell the original Gods did.

Now in Kenobya lived a small clan known by the name Kobayashi. This clan was the last of the farming clans in Kenobya and tended to their vast fields and orchards in order to provide for their village. Because of their natural affinity for farming the Kobayashi clan was well known around Kenobya. See years before their family had come to good terms with the God Sameal, the god of Nature, after saving a bunch of wild land from being burned down at the cost of many of their clansmen and in return for their efforts they were granted the ability to influence small bits of plant life in order to help their crop grow strong. They used this power to the best of their ability and became a powerhouse for most of the produce and plant life in Kenobya. They were all happy using their power to communicate with plants and their lives as farmers until finally, 4 generations later, a boy named Chi was born.

Chi was a typical Kobayashi. He had dark brown hair like the soil in their fields and brilliant green eyes that reflected the color of the plants his family had spent so long working on. From a young age it became even more obvious that he was a Kobayashi as he got taller and more fit faster than the majority of Kenobya’s kids. He adapted quickly to the life of a farmer and learned to plow the fields, collect food, and spot weeds from miles away by his large family. Out of all of his clan however, he was the youngest, and it became evident that his clan was struggling against something to continue having children. Chi saw this and against his family’s wishes he chose to abandon the fields in order to try to pursue a solution to his clan’s inability to continue the bloodline. Because of their lack of modern day technology he struggled and struggled.

As Chi reached the age of 17, the age where Kenobyans are usually accepted as adults, he came to the decision to break his village’s oldest rules and travel beyond the Kobayashi’s fields. It was a well known thing that the Kobayashi fields formed a few rings around Kenobya and played host to the majority of wildlife that acted as the meat source for Kenobya, but it was law by the elders’ design to never leave the village under any circumstance. There was even a prophecy that he who abandoned the village would bring ruin to Kenobya. Despite this, Chi had to save his clan, and he set out with a heavy heart, praying that he would be able to return without invoking the prophecy.

Chi learned a great many things outside of the village. He learned that there were more plants than what his family knew and grew. He collected some of course, but that was the smallest thing to note. He learned that there were more humans living out in the world that Kenobya was unaware of as well and that they lived in smaller or bigger tribes. The big thing that troubled him was the fact that none of them had ever encountered his gods before. None of them knew of Kenobya despite the dozens of other human civilizations that lived and worked together from a distance constantly communicating with each other.

A few months passed. Chi was unable to find an answer scientifically, but was able to find one from magic. Someone had to have cursed his clan. That was the only explanation he could find. In a rush he headed back to Kenobya, fighting through storms and the wilderness to get back before it was too late to try to figure out this ‘curse’.

By the time he returned to his village, things had somewhat changed. A few of the smaller clans were larger and his clan was dwindling in numbers. It was to be expected since his family was mostly older people, but it was shocking nonetheless. A council meeting was called upon his return and he was judged for leaving the village despite the prophecy. Chi argued that he never abandoned his village, he sought to save it. His best friend Moeru Tamashi, who Chi had known from a young age after Chi had been saved from a pit of quicksand by the same boy, testified his loyalty to Kenobya. The elders, stuck on the old ways, decreed that Chi would be banished from the village and his clan would be banished as well. Chi retaliated, invoking the power of nature out of rage at these old fools who would, as Chi states, “Rather watch Kenobya fall into ruin than keep one of their strongest clans intact.” Moeru, acting alongside his best friend, joined in the fighting. Chi had learned from his time outside and inside Kenobya how to fight, and with several different fighting styles down he managed to hold his own against some of the stronger fighters.

The Kobayashi were forced to take up arms in defense of their homes and their lives as Kenobya turned against them, and the village turned to civil war. One that the Kobayashi were winning thanks to their fields spanning most of the village’s circumference. For 7 days and 7 nights fields burned, Kobayashi fought Kenobyans, and blood was shed. Chi and Moeru led their clans against the village in order to secure their safety. On the 8th morning tragedy struck. The gods, seeing the Kobayashi’s desperate attempt to survive and Kenobya’s relentless attack in an effort to follow the orders of the elders and the old ways, decided to intervene and end this conflict once and for all. In the middle of one of the battles going on in the village Chi and Moeru were possessed by Sameal and Enfaldin (The god of fire) and were forced to turn against the village in its entirety. The two gods rampaged, demolishing the village in order to start over from scratch. Chi and Moeru, however, sensed the gods’ intentions and used all of their will to seal the gods inside their own bodies. The gods’ powers weren’t meant to be contained in mortal bodies forever though and against their best efforts  explosive bouts of power would burst from Chi and Moeru as they tried to run and get somewhere safe while the gods raged in their minds. Thinking it was for the best, Chi and Moeru parted ways in what would one day be known as the Sahara desert. Their choice was to wander the desert for as long as possible until they managed to either banish the gods or absorbed the powers of the gods. Then, they hoped, one day in the future they would see each other again.

Days turned into weeks for Chi. Weeks turned into months, and after two months of aimlessly walking he lost count. His body no longer needed food or water to survive, nor did he get tired. It seemed that Samael’s power, however reluctantly, was keeping Chi alive. In his time in the desert Chi spent it relentlessly picking at Samael for information about anything spanning from life to plants to Samael’s power. Over many long years they wandered the desert and Sameal saw the kindness in Chi’s soul and decided to teach him how to use a god’s power in order to keep Chi alive. After what seemed like centuries Chi mastered channeling Samael’s power and manipulating nature like Samael could.

It was time to leave the desert. Chi had done what he had set out to do so long ago and headed straight for the longest time. After days of running he reached the edge of the desert and came upon civilization. He tried his hardest to make contact, but his language wasn’t recognized anymore. Because of Samael’s and Chi’s lack of knowledge on the current world, they set out to find out as much as they could in many different locations. They started in what was known as Japan and continued west from there, never staying in one location for long before moving onward to learn more. Many things came as a shock to Chi, but the biggest was the world’s lack of magic in this time. It seemed that magic was more myth than reality. His acts of magic were seen as dangerous by some and feared by many, so Chi and Samael agreed to remain secret in this new world until they’d learned as much as they could since Samael now shared Chi’s thirst for knowledge. Chi’s first language he learned was English, since it seemed to be the most common language at the time, then Japanese, then a mix of dozens of other languages. He learned about wars that made his war look like a cat fight. Though, his travels came to a halt when he was wandering the countryside and came across a tall tree that seemed to reach the height of a small skyscraper.

Out of curiosity Chi climbed a set of stairs that wrapped around the trunk of the tree. At the top of the tree he discovered that on one of the larger branches extending from the trunk was holding up an entire building; a cafe in fact. He’d never seen anything like this before and decided to investigate. Upon entering the cafe he came upon a scene: A male bartender with red streaked white hair was cleaning a glass while telling off another, much louder and ruder male customer who was trying and failing to hit on a woman with long brown hair and a giant sword at her side who was also trying to enjoy her coffee. The bartender called out to Chi with a big smile and Chi walked over, shaking the man’s hand. He complimented the cafe and had a discussion about life with this man whose name Chi learned was Daisuke. Daisuke had come from a hard childhood full of combat thanks to an organization known as the Ninja Assassination Squad (or N.A.S. or NAS for short.) As it turned out the woman who was being hit on was named Arty and she was Daisuke’s crush. The man, TJ, was a frequent customer until that day. Chi offered to deal with TJ, Daisuke accepted, and Chi blasted TJ off of the tree and very far off into the field. Once TJ was out of sight, Daisuke thanked Chi and introduced him to a large group of his fiends who went by the group name of the Hayashida Cafe. Chi was fine with being included in a group, but he worried that Sameal would go nuts again and try to kill things. He was already furious about the tree cafe. But Chi kept him in check.

After joining the Hayashida Cafe Chi spent his time protecting the cafe group from attacks from the NAS, hanging out and working at the cafe, and enjoying himself for once in several thousand years. He spent his time researching as well, trying to find out if anyone learned about Kenobya. Thankfully Kenobya’s ruins had been overlooked by archaeologists and scientists who would’ve probably loved to find Kenobya and all of its magical creations. And, as Chi learned, Magic wasn’t as scarce as he had originally believed, or what passed for magic anways. The majority of those at the Hayashida Cafe had genetic abilities, and many of the NAS members had some form of fabricated abilities.

At some point, Chi felt himself weaken. He had no idea what happened that he got weaker until Samael informed him that because they’d been forgotten so long, the old gods were finally dying. Chi and Moeru had sustained them for a long time, but that wasn’t enough to keep their memory alive. Because Sameal was dying and fast, Chi offered to take his place and continue being a being of nature. Evidently satisfied with Chi’s offer, Sameal taught Chi a way to take his power for himself. Once they agreed it was for the best Chi went to the base of the giant cafe tree and called on Sameal’s powers for the last time. The tree responded to Chi’s wishes and impaled him on one of the thicker branches, draining his energy from him before casting him aside to die. Because Chi was partially immortal thanks to Sameal’s power the tree had drained his life force to become stronger as well, and Chi’s body was dying. The host of Sameal had to die in order to banish the god entirely. Once his body was still Chi’s mind reformed inside of the cafe tree from his energy, but this time he was without Sameal. He could still feel his power rushing through him, but he was utterly alone. After forming a new body from the tree’s wood containing Chi’s consciousness he reshaped it and made his old body with the weird godly powers he now held.

The longer Chi stayed with the members of the Hayashida Cafe the more restless he got from the constant ambushes and attacks on the Cafe. After a few months of constantly fighting off attackers, Chi began to take the operation of the Cafe into his own hands and requested a response attack. Because the NAS was spread across the world, the group would have to split up and strike each of the 7 main branches of the NAS in each continent. Chi took the North American and South American branches while everyone else grouped up and went off to take the other 5 continents.

Chi, being the new God of Nature, used his powers to speed across the world to the headquarters of the NAS. However, it seemed they were expecting a counter attack to eventually happen and immediately Chi went to war. Thanks to his Godhood Chi was able to battle his way through numerous battles with powerful foes, crushing them in his wake before moving onto the next battle. His Kenobyan combat style was unknown to all who faced him which gave him an advantage in fights, and counting his Kobayashi family abilities and his Nature magic, Chi was nearly unstoppable.

It was as he approached the main HQ of the NA Branch of the NAS that Chi discovered something new. As he battled a man who used magic with great versatility Chi slew one of his allies and accidentally absorbed the power from within his body rather than the natural magical energy he had learned to tap into long ago. This act granted Chi the capability to use the magic powers of those he had slain. With this newfound knowledge Chi counterattacked harder than ever, and within a year he had utterly demolished the North and South American branches of the NAS and came out of it with many stolen powers. However this did not come without a price, for every time he stole the magic energy of another, Chi was left with another person’s life story playing inside of him, crushing him with either guilt or satisfaction at this deed.

After obliterating the NAS in the Americas, Chi set off to grant aid to the others who were still at war with the NAS in other countries. His arrival only quickened the process of annihilation. It was only after losing the Americas, European, and Asian branches that the NAS directior, another Hayashida, surrendered in order to spare his armies.

As soon as the fighting ended, the weight of what Chi had been doing finally set in. His mind and spirit began their own war, and so he retreated into the Antarctic as to not endanger any of his friends. But they came for him, then attempted to sway him to coming back since they still needed him. Something inside of Chi snapped and in a fit of rage he refused to return to them, accusing them of using him for their own gain. Under the assumption that Chi had been brainwashed, the Cafe group attacked. One, Leo, threw a kick at Chi who caught his leg and tossed him from atop the iceberg he had been meditating on before the group arrived. Another, Sashi, attempted to stab him from behind but he turned and punched through her gut, leaving her on the brink of death while Daisuke began to fight alongside Kaneda, Kanashima, and several others. Their power was great, but Chi had accumulated so much more in his rampage against the NAS and easily defeated the rest of the group, leaving them all critically injured before he came to his senses and realized what he did. He quickly did his best to heal them all then fled, going to the one place he knew he couldn’t be found: Kenobya.

Kenobya was in shambles. But so was Chi, so the reunion was perfect. Chi sat in the center of his village for a long time, thinking and thinking, trying to be at peace. However, nothing came to him, and he realized he would need allies. True allies, not deceivers or users. So, Chi began to transform Kenobya.

First, he created a maze. This maze spanned miles over and under land. At the center remained Kenobya. Then, Chi went dimensional and shifted Kenobya into its own plane of existence where it remained both apart of the real world but not there at the same time. After the placement of Kenobya Chi began transforming Kenobya, adding layers upon layers of magical buildings that would link to Kenobya’s existential state as to not be apart of the real world unless acted upon. Each of these layers he shaped into something he may need.

“A new home. One where I’ll be free to do what I wish in order to prepare for something even greater than I.”

New Kenobya was formed, and Chi decided to pour all of his magic into the place to enchant it. It would follow him anywhere he needed it to take him and should he ever lose the entrance, another would open up for him. Not anyone could enter Kenobya, only those who crossed the maze and made it into Kenobya. But Chi sought out specific people: Orphans, runaways, people seeking a better life or trying to find a life to live. Powerful people, too, people who Chi believed would protect this new domain he controlled.

From there, Chi adopted many false names to protect his identity and began jumping between different realms, worlds, etc, in order to go on grand adventures and seek out those who would do well in Kenobya. Despite being ageless he learned and grew and came to understand everything a little bit better. Every world he journeyed to he went on grand adventures and made friends, but from each world he gathered people who he felt deserved to be in Kenobya.