Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Personality: Demented

Quote: "Trust me...once I am through with you, you will wish you were dead a long time ago.."

Abilities: Chaos Magic

Scepter Core - User summons a massive ball of dark energy and throws it at enemies. The blast creates miniature blasts that track enemies.

Final Oblivion - User creates a massive void that sucks everything in around it, and once the user claps the void erupts and sends a devastating wave at enemies.

Gravitational Void - User controls the gravitational pull around them and can throw enemies and push them away.

Ecliptic Flame Burst - User fires black flames at enemies, flames burn until user cancels them.

Chaos End - User focuses energy around them and releases a blast that is strong enough to eradicate a planet.


Pandora has lived for centuries dating back to before Jesus Christ walked the earth. With his power he has created chaos and devastation and has caused the end of many civilizations with he power. The dimensions most feared adversary was sealed away by the earliest of the Agents of Exiled into the Infinity Prison and was trapped for decades until Mephisto, his loyal follower, released him causing the Dark Ages to take place. After years of fighting the Agents were able to seal Pandora back into the Infinity Prison, but not without taking massive casualties of their own. Although he waits for his release from his prison, his loyal subject Mephisto sits and plots for his move to remove the shackles that are binding Pandora down. Previously, as a way to cloak his existence from the Agents, Pandora disguised himself as a human and used the name Callister Graves as an alias.