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Cadmus Ra



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November 10

Hair Color

Dark Purple

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Blood Type

I (For Ichor)

Professional Status

The World


God of Nature
Protector God
Overseer of Worldly Affairs


Sora Azagazil

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Nature Manipulation
Energy Manipulation
Realm Jumping
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Various Constructs

"How dare you! That plant was just sitting there, harmlessly, and you killed it!" Cried Cadmus.

"Dude chill it's a weed, it'll kill my other flowers."

Cadmus screamed loudly and proceeded to hold a funeral that day for the fallen weed.

Cadmus Ra (カドマス) is the God of Nature and known as the Pacifist God. He was born from Chaos to oversee the world's health and keep the balance between Nature and Humanity.


He is tall, standing at 6'0, but surprisingly that's average for a God. Though, in his tallest form, he could reach over 1,454 ft. His hair is short and green and he often lets it flow freely. Cadmus takes good care of it, seeing as how he's a god, but it isn't rare to find twigs in his hair or leaves from his time in forests.His eyes are green. His outfit shown in the image is his royal outfit, which he rarely is seen without. He wears a cloak of green feathers that reach to the ground that he jokingly uses when he flies like wings. Around his neck is a Jade and Gold necklace. He's often accompanied by flocks of doves that he uses for communication across the worlds.

Giant Cadmus

When inside forests and planty areas, Cadmus takes the form of a being that appears to be woven together by vines and roots that shift along the earth, or walk around as a giant stone humanoid. Cadmus is also able to shift between sizes, which allows him to tower over others or to run around in a tiny form.


Cadmus is a nigh-pacifistic God. There have been occasions where he has been pushed to fight or has been dragged into sparring matches with the other gods, but he prefers to remain passive in their discussions or battles. He is, however, very passionate and protective of the Wild, as well as the idea of gardening and "Going green." He is also interested in humanity's development, and will occasionally whisper into the minds of scientists and activists to give them ideas on how to make the world a cleaner place.

Cadmus isn't quick to anger. He spends his time surrounded by what he loves, but there are times when he stumbles across withered forests or places where pollution has gotten so bad that it's hard to breath, even for a god. On such occasions, natural disasters tend to occur in relation to his mood shift from happy and calm to sad and angered. Hurricanes and thunderstorms are the more frequent occurrences, though he will occasionally become tempted to ice over the world and start another ice age. Those days are especially cold.

Despite Cadmus's sadness at what humanity has done to his forests and the wildlife, he still cares for them. They're living beings as well, though misguided in his eyes. While he may not be as protective of them as he is of nature, he will still be careful when not in one of his bad moods. However, he will always pick nature over almost any other living being, aside from those who reside in the Pantheon. They're his family, and he cares about and is protective of them as well.

Cadmus respects nature and the wild animals. He understands the law of the world: Survival of the fittest. Of course, this means he lacks a fair bit of respect for humans for being able to cheat death, but hey, if they can stay alive together then so be it.



The World Tree: Yggdrasil.


Cadmus was not born in the way that many other gods were born. He was not split from the forehead of a god, or created from sea foam. Instead, Cadmus was born from a tree. The worlds were dying, and with the loss of so much of its land, they couldn't stand against the rise of humanity alone. They needed help. Nature poured its magic and life into the World Tree, Yggdrasil and from it came an already formed human-like child. Even when he was just born, Cadmus understood so much. He knew all about nature and its power, as well as its fear and pain it was experiencing, and that he was meant to help. Already determined, little Cadmus set out to begin learning about his purpose in life and his powers. Of course, he did not go unnoticed by the other gods. Noticing another presence of Godly blood, one of the gods sent down a messenger to collect Cadmus, assuming he was yet another child of Zeus.

Olympian Throne

Wandering Child

Young Cadmus wanders a forest after birth.

When Cadmus entered the Olympian throne room and was surrounded by all of these much more powerful beings, Cadmus wasn't afraid. Honestly, he was bored and irritated about the bickering that broke out while the gods tried to decide who's son Cadmus was. Cadmus wasn't having it, and sprouted a small sapling in the center of the Throne Room in order to get the attention of the others. He explained who he was and explained his purpose in the world, causing a ripple of discomfort in the surrounding gods. Cadmus was already done with what he needed to do there and decided to leave, but before he did someone called him back and named him a member of the Pantheon. Cadmus was grateful, but didn't mind the title too much. He had a job to do.

State of the World

In his childlike state, Cadmus needed shelter. He sought out a small village close to Yggdrasil's branch that he was born from. The village was small, not very populated either. Several people closed their doors to the small child that was wandering about the village, but another small boy with fiery red hair and bright red eyes approached Cadmus and after chatting with him invited him into his home. Cadmus accepted and went to live with the boy, whose name he later learned was Moeru Tamashi. The two of them became inseparable and Cadmus felt more human than godly, learning how humanity worked from right there alongside them. Moeru, he learned, was a wild card. He was reckless and acted before he thought. This was back in the days before technology too. The family that took him in treated him like their own and made sure that he would be safe. As time went on Cadmus grew attached to this place, forgetting his job as a Nature God. He grew into a man by human standards alongside Moeru, and it was on the day of his and Moeru's 20th birthday (They chose to share birthdays) that he revealed how inhuman he was. Despite the fear that Cadmus had been building up about telling his greatest friend that he was a God, Moeru took it well and was delighted about it. The two set out to leave the village and find their own lives. But the night that they were ready to set out, atrocity struck. A horrible monster of lava rose up and began to attack the village. Cadmus and Moeru, who Cadmus had taught Magic long ago, rose as well alongside the other great warriors of the village to battle the monster. They did little more than annoy it with Cadmus's abilities being weak and Moeru being a simple mortal. The battle was long and hard, and all lives were lost against this monster. In the end, Cadmus and Moeru stood together against the monster, but Moeru was struck down in his recklessness. Cadmus fled, taking the dying body of Moeru with him, leaving his village behind. Moeru died soon after, as the battle had wounded him beyond repair. Thus came Cadmus's vengeful side and he embraced his godhood. He set out to learn about the world, mastering his power in honor of the friend he lost. Cosmetically, Cadmus changed his left eye to red after Moeru's eye color. He also began to learn Fire Manipulation as well, but he didn't get far before he began his war of extermination against those who endangered nature or others.

A Lava Monster Thing

The Lava Monster Cadmus Fought.

The Younger Years

Cadmus did battle with many monsters back in his day, and usually came out victorious. It was here he learned that he had a knack for strategy and understood how perceptive he was. However, his greatest conflict was with the volcano monster who had killed Moeru long ago. He knew he was at a disadvantage, so he began trying to figure out how to beat such a monster. He didn't want the help of the other gods at the time; this is his fight. At first, the fight went bad quickly. The fire quickly overtook him and Cadmus's plants and Cadmus soon became outmatched. His lack of physical combat abilities proved a great weakness in the fight as the monster was stronger physically than Cadmus. Beaten and bruised, Cadmus was forced to retreat and recover so he could come up with a new strategy to beat the monster. But time, it turned out, was not on Cadmus's side. He was overrun again, this time faster by the monster, who grew only stronger with the more fire and destruction it wrought. Even Cadmus's mastery of Earth Magic couldn't help him, as he only granted more fuel for the hot magma that was being thrown at him.

As he was being beaten badly, Cadmus desperately needed time to think. He couldn't risk a half-assed strategy, but he had no time to plan. For the first time in his life, Cadmus acted off instinct and called out to the sky. To his surprise, he found that the clouds and the rain answered his call, and brought forth a rainstorm the likes of which had never been seen. The downpour drenched the flames of the monster and Cadmus saw an opening. Below the volcano monster shot several ironwood trees, tearing through the now cooled lava rock and impaling the monster. There Cadmus imprisoned the monster in an underwater volcano and sealed it away so that the monster wouldn't threaten anything anymore. It was here that Cadmus swore only to fight in protection of his family, himself, or the safety of the world. From here he decided to travel the world and aid those he felt deserved help, and provide cliche wisdom to travelers or write college essays on the importance of keeping Nature safe. He also learned how to travel between The Nine Realms, gaining more knowledge about them through his connection to the World Tree's Life Force.


(Refer to Kenobya)

Powers and Abilities

Cadmus is known as the God of Nature, and such a title came with its perks.


Nature Manipulation: Cadmus is connected directly to the natural world and thus can communicate, influence, manipulate and control nature: all living beings and plants and natural phenomena, such as the weather and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed. He can survive in any natural environment on earth. Cadmus can manipulate, tap into, blend and/or become elements of nature, including air, weather, lightning, earth, stone, metal, water, ice, light, darkness, clouds/mist, magma, fire etc.. He can control animals and plants and mimic their abilities and forms. Because he can communicate with nature, he can become instantly familiar with his surroundings, the connection is so deep that the earth can respond to his emotions and desires (blossoming with flowers and calming weather when happy, making skies stormy or cause earthquakes when angry, shifting the landscape to gain the advantage in a fight, etc.) He can purify, heal and generally influence the health of nature, and considering the fact that he's helping the environment, plants and animals act favorably towards user. He has access to every living species of animal on Earth and can also draw strength from them and acquire their abilities. Nature obeys Cadmus's every command and operate on a "hive mind", meaning he can control an entire army of animals if he so wishes.

Major Understanding and Use of Magic: While Gods tend to directly manipulate their elements, Cadmus knows about the concept of Magic along with direct manipulation of the elements. He is able to use things such as Telekinesis. He is also able to use other magic abilities along with his personal manipulations, but none of his magic is as powerful as the other gods' manipulation of their domain.

Energy Manipulation: This is a touchy subject in the case of Cadmus. While it's true that energy is a part of nature, Cadmus cannot freely control energy. He can, however, control the untapped rivers of energy that flow throughout the world. While he can revert abilities into pure energy, it ironically saps his own energy so he doesn't often decide to transform energy. Thanks to this connection to the natural energy of the world, he is able to quickly refill his own energy through meditation and calm.
Cadmus Plant Form

Cadmus understanding Fire.

Healing: As a God, Cadmus himself has a regenerative ability, allowing him to regenerate from most attacks that could kill a mortal. Thanks to his connection to the world though, he is able to share his regeneration if he so chooses. He can heal major wounds with enough time, and mend small injuries in an instant. However, unless the one he chooses to heal has shown themselves worth saving, he will not heal them and will allow them to fight for life themselves.

Fire Manipulation: At some point in his life, Cadmus figured it would be a good idea to learn about Fire Magic in order to better protect his realm better. He has a basic mastery of Fire Magic.

Realm Jumping: Because of his birth through Yggdrasil, Cadmus is able to freely transport himself through the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology. Because of this, he has a technical Omnipresence in all of the worlds.


High Perception: Cadmus is known as a pacifist, but he is also known as a watcher; an overseer if you will. Over his lifetime he has gathered information and has a habit of thinking too far into simple matters. He is able to understand most situations rather quickly and act accordingly.

Pure Strategy

Cadmus strategizing. (Not really but cute cat is good too.)

Master Strategist: Cadmus has been long known to be perceptive, which grants him an upper hand in battle. His tendency to overthink leads him to plan for hundreds of different situations or even for one simulation of an event. Cadmus is able to rival many gods of wisdom in battle, and it doesn't hurt to be able to sense many of their movements through the earth. Though predictions and careful planning, Cadmus has beaten many adversaries and avoided many disasters.

Great Intelligence: Cadmus knows there's science behind almost everything. He praises humanity's ability to break down magic and explain how it works. He himself has an unhealthy obsession with gathering information in order to understand how things work, and though his research of Human studies, he has learned a lot of how the world works outside of the Gods' influence. He also happens to be a massive nerd, having dived headfirst into comic books and animation out of curiosity.