Royal arm 9
Bow of the Hunt

Royal Arm



"There was a Queen, whose aim was true and never false as she saw all of Earth with her very eyes, this was her bow, that will never miss its target." - The Bow of the Hunt described Gladius

The Bow of the Hunt is one of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Bow is purple with a blue crystal Gem in the middle, the creates a blue weave of strings that cover the bow. The Bow is said to be able to pierce anything, and is able to give it's user the ability "Gia's Perception" which allows the user to see the whole world at once and also gives the user godlike marksman ship similar to that of the legendary huntress Artemis herself. The Bow's arrows are magically shaped making them have no physical form, but allows them to steal pierce anything as if it were like a solid real arrow.