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Azure Demons (紺碧の鬼) is a Independent Guild located in Wisteria Town and known for its Assassin 7.


Azure Demons is located in Wisteria Town a city near the forest its also known for its long periods of night time. The town is surrounded with high trees and hills. some people say that the forest has a curse that allows the city to have extremely long nights and short time of day. But its a star attraction for there supplies and animals around the town.

In Wisteria there are many Guilds mostly which are Independent but in the middle of the town is the biggest guild of them all is Azure Demons which are said to run the town and the land all around it.


Azure Demons is a Guild made way back then there guild's descants were mostly known as Assassins said to way back then guard the town by danger legend says the first Guild master of Azure Demons held off a huge monster from destroying the town naming him a legend to the town. Eventually after the event the Guild went on by each generation having a new Master and now with the help of the master now known as Asura the Guild is strong as ever.

Day of the Honoring

On this day the people gather around the town to honor all those who fought the monster and gave their life for the town.

S Class Trail

Like every Guild Azure holds a S class trail every year and selects members who have shown to grown and worked hard for the past year. To make this even harder current S class mages participate to make the Trail even harder.


Azure Demons is a extremely strong Guild for their Assassins the Council states they are on of the strongest guilds in Foire and they shown to be deadly. Their main strength comes from the master, their Guild's Aces and their S Class mages. The Guild tends to keep their power sealed and not let it been known to often but even so they are proven to be one strong guild.


There are 400 members of Azure left they are very powerful mages and are dedicated to their Guild and everything about it.

Guild Master

S Class