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July 1st

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Red, White(when in wrath mode)

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Azure Demons

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Guild Leader

Base of Operations

Azure Demons

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Fire Magic
Super Strength

Asura is the current Guild Leader of Azure Demons and father of Jake.


Asura is a tall bulk man with Red and white hair but his eyes turn white when in wrath mode. He is seen mostly shirtless and has a black and blue pants and is bare footed his arms are solid iron as well. All over his body he has tattoos and on his back lies his mark of the Azure Demons.


As the guild leader Asura is man of pride who everyone looks up, Asura is a man of few words, but even with a few words he is able to raise the morale of his guild whenever the times are rough. Asura is a man who holds honor and courage before all, he displays this in battle being extremely stubborn, not quitting even in the face of death and displays anger when anyone in he guild is harmed willing to die for them making him a man most people would rather die than fight him angered.


Asura was born unlike any infant ever born, most consider him as a monster or freak, he had hair as white as snow and skin that had strange markings on it. Asura was orphan who had no family and hardly even cared where he came from, Asura grew up in the forest of the outskirt of corrupted town of Locks Fell which was filled with nothing, power hungry government officials, and brothels, despite that he lived with fellow orphans who respected Asura and didn't care about his appearance or beast-like strength. Asura hardly spoke and when he did he would only say few words at most and was looked up to many of the younger orphans who would be amazed, by his strength or his courageous act of bravery to make sure his family was safe, even some of the people in the village saw Asura as both a asset or bomb ready to explode. One day while Asura was out hunting people came into the forest and abducted Asura's friends to be sold as slaves or be put to work in the brothels, and some were even killed with the forest being burned down. The only thing that suppressed Asura's anger had been taking and in that moment drunk on anger, Asura's remaining friends fled far away only knowing that nothing else could reason with him as Asura charged towards the City and began reeking havoc on everything in his path. Nothing could stop him not even the strongest of warriors that city had could, come face to face with his anger. When the sun rose Asura laid in nothing, but a ruin of a desert. Asura who had now calmed down looking in the rubble for any of his orphans who were taken into the town but found nothing, and just bones and ashes. Asura sadden he lost all hope and slowly gave into his anger, but and the orphans who were still alive Asura, Asura saw he still had something to keep him going and fled with is friends. From that day on Asura trained to control his anger and eventually come to peace with it and gained more control throughout the years and swore to protect his friends from harm, but also from his anger as well. Years later now 37 Asura in known throughout the country as a powerful mage and established a Guild known as the Azure Demons for the sole purpose of creating a family where he vows never to lose again and shortly bears a son named Jake. Even though the destruction of Locks Fell is still a mystery, it proves a reminder to Asura the challenges that await will be heavy, but must fight in order to seek his resolve.

Magic and Abilities

Take and Give: Is an Magic that created Asura uses that come from the power of the armor gloves that around his hands. He is able to absorb the energy around and than release it at his enemy. The amount of energy he can take is infinite, but he is still a human the more energy he takes will be on his limited to his willpower and ability to harness it, but if he takes more than his body can take he will eventually break his body apart.

Emotional Power Manipulation; Asura true strength lies from his natural ability being his emotions. This is not a magic and more like a ability he was born with. This ability allows Asura's strength depend on the state of Emotion he is in at the time. So a calm and collected Asura would be his natural strength. If was angered the more angry he gets the stronger he becomes, the opposite would be done if he was in a state of depression.

Transformations: Asura has another ability that allows him to create four arms and giving him a total of six arms to utilize. The arms can be broken and shatters if applied enough force.

Insane Human Strength and Durability : Ever Since birth Asura has display his physically strength he is able to lift buildings with one hand, or the ability to punch a hole into a mountain and is able to take a beating for long periods of time.