Archangel Raphael is one of the Seven Archangels. He is one of the five generals of Pandora's Box and Lucifer Gehenna's opposite.

Raphael states his virtue is "humility"


Raphael wears a copy of the Pandora's Box business suit, except it is solid white, including his tie. Raphael seems to take greta care to assure his outfit is always in excellent condition, and he is always wearing a rosary necklace under his shirt.

Raphael himself has bright blonde hair with golden eyes, and a soft skin tone. He stands atexactly 6 ft tall, and is never seen slouching or walking unprofessionally.

Raphael is described as always being in a good modd, and as such nobody sees him frown very often.

Raphael has sixteen angel wings, although he only uses six of them at any given time.


Raphael is a rather easy person to get along with. He's very cautious, investigative, and focused, but can also be very pleasant in conversation. He tends to focus on asking people questions about themselves rather than worrying about himself. Unlike the other generals, he isn't boastful about his position.

Raphael is very protective of his position at Pandora's Box, always stating that God sent him and the other six archangel's a sign to join and stop the Seven Princes. As such, he will do nearly anything to prove his position.

Raphael refuses to take bounties on innocent gods, focusing more on those who intend to deify themselves with religion (which is blasphemous to God the Father), or wicked evil gods that use their powers to do terrible deed.

Raphael wants to sent Lucifer Gehenna back to Hell.