Arch 2 begins with Deimos instructing his followers, the Heretics, to search for his son Sin and bring him back to Pandemonium. Meanwhile, Persephone has finally found Sin and Lumina and have pulled them both back to her world, where she explains there background and relation to one another and the relation that Sin has to Deimos. At this time Messiah and Arcanam also arrive to give insight on the severity of the situation with Deimos, as his armies of Dravens have begun to attack Avalon. Messiah, knowing that Deimos is searching for Sin, orders that he come to Avalon where he can ensure his safety and protection from Deimos's grasp. The Heretics arrive in the Mosaic Dimension and begin causing chaos as they search for Sin. Gaia and the other Agents begin fighting with the Heretics, but are pushed back and forced to return to Arcanam for assistance. Messiah seals Sin in a chamber to cloak his power from Deimos and to prevent him from discovering his new location. As the war on Avalon intensifies the other Gods from the Mosaic Dimension catch wind of what is taking place and reach out to Messiah to assist in the conflict. As the battle rages Deimos appears to Persephone and kidnaps her forcing Lumina to go after him in a tremor to save her. During this time frame the Heretics and the Agents engage once more in Avalon along with the help from the other Mosaic Gods. Sin senses that Deimos has his mother and sister and manages to break free from his chamber and rushes to Pandemonium to free them from Deimos. Upon meeting Deimos, Sin is told that his rightful place is by his side, and that his power is the key to victory for him to overthrow Messiah and conquer the other Dimensional Realms. Sin defies Deimos's wishes and they begin to fight. In Avalon the war is finally in favor of Messiah and the Agents along with the other Gods defeat the Heretics, allowing Messiah to connect with Sin, discovering he is fighting Deimos. As the fight between Deimos and Sin rages on, the outcome looks to be in favor of Deimos, until Messiah steps in and provides support for Sin to release his ultimate attack. Sin manages to release the Cosmic Ray Etherion at Deimos, which allows him to be weakened enough for Messiah to seal Deimos in Pandemonium along with his armies, preventing them from ever leaving again. After the fight, Sin takes Persephone and Lumina back to their universe, and everything in the Dimensions returns to normal. The arch ends with Mephisto discovering the chambers deep within the Dimensional Void and locating the seal that is imprisoning Oryon.