During the first arch, Mephisto goes on a mission to search for the Infinity Prison that is currently imprisoning Pandora. He manages to enter the Dimensional Void undetected after killing several Agents of the Exiled and using his abilities to reincarnate them as undead and use their power to cloak himself. Once obtaining the Infinity Prison, Mephisto escapes to Earth Realm where he releases Pandora. During this time, Arcanam discovers that the Infintiy Prison has been stolen and dispatches Sin, Drakon, Gaia, and Fenrir to go search for it. In the mean time, Arcanam calls for a meeting with Messiah to discuss the threats that Pandora has on Earth and possibly the entire Mosaic Dimension if he returns with full power. Messiah gives Arcanam permission to seek out further assistance within the Mosaic Dimension to recruit any assistance that the Agents of the Exiled might need in order to stop Pandora. During this time frame, Pandora and Mephisto have begun their plan to eradicate Earth by launching an army of undead into major cities to kill off the human populace. Sin and the other Agents arrive and begin countermeasures to prevent the undead army from pushing further into the cities. Arcanam eventually finds help from the other universes and recruits them to assist in stopping Pandora all return to Earth. Pandora, noticing that the undead army is being pushed back, steps into the fray and begins fighting the Agents and those that Arcanam recruited. During the fight Sin reveals his hidden power and activates the Rodakai, which alerts Deimos of his whereabouts, and causes Persephone to to go on a frantic search for him as well. As the fight intensifies, Mephisto joins the fray and begins using his chimeras to push back the Agents and the others. In a last ditch effort to prevent Pandora from achieving his goal for world domination, The Agents and others manage to focus their power into one focused attack and destroy Pandora. In the meantime Mephisto escapes, vowing that he will return when the time comes. Messiah and Arcanam arrive just as the battle ends and together are able to restore the lives lost during the conflict and erase the memories of the humans on Earth who encountered the conflict. The arch ends with six figures bowing to Deimos as he prepares to send them off to search for Sin.