Yukichi Fukuzawa Thumbnail

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Personality: Stern, and Smart

Quote: "I've met God once...he asked me what I thought about Earth? I replied, needs a reboot"

Association: God of the Dimensional World

Abilities: Divine Magic

Hand of Judgment - User absorbs enemies energy into a devastating punch that can erase enemies existence when hit.

Vanishing Fissure - User snaps finger and enemy disintegrates from the inside until vanishes into dust.

Kaiser Sphere - User forms energy into a ball that can be thrown or used at close range and when it strikes an enemy it vanishes and destroys the enemy from the inside/out.

Null Void - User can target enemy and take away all abilities in an instant.


Arcanam has been the God of the Dimensional Realms for as long as time has existed. Legend has it that Arcanam was the creator of the Persona's, however neither he or anyone else has confirmed that this is true. According to legend it was Arcanam who created the Infinity Prison that was used to seal Pandora away prior to his release by Mephisto. Most of Arcanam's background is shrouded in mystery, all that is known is that he is not very forgiving to those who cross him.