T Arachne BlackWidow Card

The Weaver The spider queen




Female female


500-1000 years old




450 pounds


November 10th

Hair Color

Raven black

Eye Color


Professional Status
Previous Occupation


Base of Operations

Corycian Cave

Personal Status



Mental magic




Arachne wears nothing but meer filthy rags she made from her own webbing, her shirts are nasty torn with damp smell of the gross cave she lives in, her hair is a beautiful raven black, but her hair is very messy from years of neglect, suprisingly her hair isn't very matted as you'd expect it to be, she tries her best to keep it somewhat manageable, Archne has has unique facial feactures, she has retractable spider like fangs, that inject venom that can kill mortals, and paralyzed gods, she has bright shiny yellow eyes that can strike the fear into those who are a little Arachnophobia. Her body is creepy, her entire body is like a centaur, but take out the horse's body and put a spider's body, 


Arachne isn't the friendlist person you'll ever meet, she was once mortal, until one day she was turned into a demi god by athena, but a small side effect Athena gave Arachne was that she turned her half spider. Arachne has been sore every since. Arachne is very opprobrious of the gods even in her mortal years, she always expressed her disliking the gods, she always viewed them as twisted and evil beings, she always been bitter about them, and nothing has changed her thoughts on them, matter a fact her thoughts have increased about them, Arachne has always plotted revenge against Athena out spite and anger. Arachne is a very mysterious lady who spends her time in a cave, causing locust plagues to reek damage on the mortals, just to despite them, she casts insects among the mortals to cause malice, what she hated about the gods, she slowly became over the years, Arachne despies the pretty woman in villages, she lures men into her cave with her siren like song to lure mortal men, where she weaves her web and ensares them. Arachne is a very vain and aggroant person in her abilities,


Climbing walls: like any spider can do, she has the ability to climb up walls

Venom: Her venom can kill mortals, but her Venom can paralyzed gods for a short period a time, but her venom also takes a while to work on them

Web weaving: Like most, but not all spiders do, she able to weave webs, with this ability she able to ensnare her prey, or even use it to craft things with, 

Siren song: Her siren like abilities are very weak, and only work on mortal men, she uses this ability to lure victim men to her clutches where she murders them wraps them up and saves them for later or eats them. 

Insect/airchnid control: She is able to control insects to do as she wants them to do

Illusion: She is ability to magic make Illusions for her enemies to trick them into falling for traps or flat mentally scaring them.